Sculptors' Maquettes

1st October - 9th November 2018

A model or study for a larger sculpture, a maquette allows an artist to visualise how the final piece might look and to try out approaches and ideas that would not be practical on a bigger scale.

Our exhibition has gathered a collection of maquettes that celebrates this fascinating aspect of sculpture. Some were made as preparatory studies for recognised and much-loved public monuments. Others were made for projects that were ultimately never realised and yet more were purely private studies for potential large works or explore themes central to the artist’s concerns. Some were even made after the creation of a bigger version and carry on the visual thinking sparked off by its construction.

The exhibition includes work by Anthony Abrahams, David Backhouse, Bruce Beasley, Nick Bibby, Ralph Brown, Jon Buck, Reg Butler, Lynn Chadwick, Ann Christopher, Geoffrey Clarke, Michael Cooper, Terence Coventry, Steve Dilworth, Steve Hurst, Martin Jennings, Jonathan Kingdon, Bryan Kneale, David Mach, Briony Marshall, Charlotte Mayer, FE McWilliam, Bernard Meadows, Eilis O'Connell, Peter Randall-Page, Almuth Tebbenhoff, William Tucker and Deborah van der Beek.


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Sculptors' Maquettes