Vitalism III

Post-War British Sculpture and Works on Paper

2nd October - 10th November 2017

Linear, craggy forms with earthy textures and patinas defined post-war culture with a freedom that enabled and influenced expectations of art as well as all subsequent sculptural movements. This new freedom is evident in the exploration of fresh techniques and materials and instinctive ‘drawing in space’ made possible by the use of welded metal.

Our exhibition includes work by Kenneth Armitage, Ralph Brown, Reg Butler, Lynn Chadwick, Geoffrey Clarke, Elisabeth Frink, George Fullard, John Hoskin, F.E. McWilliam, Bernard Meadows, and Eduardo Paolozzi. All these artists shared a determination to celebrate the physical process of ‘making’ by leaving it visible on the finished surface. It is this proximity to their creative journey that gives so much vitality to the sculptures of this time.

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Vitalism III