Off the Wall

2nd August - 11th September 2021


Breaking away from the conventional methods of displaying sculpture, our exhibition ‘Off the Wall’ encompasses Modern British and Contemporary sculpture that all work, interact, lean and hang off the wall.

Historically, wall sculpture has been around since the very dawn of mankind with early examples of cave wall art, reliefs and wall sculpture recorded across the world.

In order to accommodate over forty works by twenty four British and International artist in the gallery, we have installed additional walls to present and display ‘Off the Wall’ with pieces of varying sizes ranging from the miniature to the monumental.

Artists include:

Harold Ambellan, Nick Bibby, Hamish Black, Ralph Brown, Jon Buck, Halima Cassell, Lynn Chadwick, Geoffrey Clarke, Ann Christopher,  Terence Coventry, Abigail Fallis, Sue Freeborough, George Fullard, Bryan Kneale, Susie MacMurray, Briony Marshall, Charlotte Mayer, Polly Morgan, Eilis O’Connell, Peter Oloya, Merete Rasmussen, George Taylor, Almuth Tebbenhoff, Deborah van der Beek.


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Off the Wall