Michael Cooper Bronzes

his first solo show at Gallery Pangolin

2nd April - 11th May 2007

Michael Cooper’s work brings the third dimension vividly to life through the irresistible urge to feel and caress surface and form. With eyes closed, this abstract, almost musical pleasure is an essential part of the appreciation of his sculptures. This is not ‘Nature, red in tooth and claw’, nor sanitised sentimentality; Cooper’s sculptures are dignified, self-assured, independent and respectful.

The timeless quest for intrinsic beauty is his purpose; an empathy for natural or human forms, his muse. In bringing together these two elements through the processes of stone-carving and bronze casting, he enables us all to share his vision.

This exhibition includes over twenty-five finely-crafted sculptures spanning the last decade and superbly illustrating the range and depth of his œuvre.

Photographs by Steve Russell

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Michael Cooper Bronzes