Figuring It Out

Four artists exploring the human form

25th October - 26th November 2010

The human form has been a major preoccupation of artists/makers from all periods and cultures from the very dawn of object-making and indeed, the earliest known sculpture is the ‘Venus of Hohle Fels’, a 35,000 year-old ivory carving found in Germany. It seems appropriate therefore that we should make this the theme of our exhibition. For each of our four artists, the figure has been a constant source of inspiration and one to which they have returned time after time. We are delighted to introduce the work of two artists new to the gallery, Harold Ambellan and John Bridgeman, both of whom had a long and prolific artistic life and we are particularly grateful to their families for all their support and enthusiasm. The selection of work for the exhibition has been both instructive and great fun. We hope you will share our excitement at the infinite possibilities of expression stimulated by the human form. Each artist gives us an individual comment upon the human condition through their particular language, method, material and scale.

Photographs by Steve Russell

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Figuring It Out