Charlotte Mayer: In Essence

14th October - 22nd November 2013

The first major review of the artist’s work, this important show traces the development of Mayer’s themes and preoccupations and includes work from 1972 up to the present.  Now in her eighties, Mayer is as passionate as ever about her craft and continues to produce sculptures of great eloquence, grace and subtlety which have the depth and power to reach us all.

A new 112-page hardback book accompanies the exhibition with over 100 colour illustrations and text by author and art historian Tom Flynn. The book tells the moving story of Mayer’s life and career and traces the influences, inspirations and personal experiences which have shaped her work from her idyllic childhood in pre-war Czechoslovakia to the present day.

'Charlotte Mayer: In Essence' is available from the gallery at the special price of £30 until 20th December 2013.

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Charlotte Mayer: In Essence