Anita Mandl

The Works

4th June - 27th July 2018

We are proud to be celebrating the work of one of our longest-standing gallery artists with this solo exhibition. The show includes sculptures in wood, stone, bronze and silver from all periods of Mandl's œuvre.

Mandl is first and foremost a carver, working in from the outer limits of a block of ornamental stone or wood to create smooth, rounded and tightly-honed animal forms. The highly polished, seductive surfaces and varied colours of her selected materials make her sculptures irresistibly tactile and joyful to contemplate. Not only are the works beautifully conceived and executed but they also conform to the characteristics of their individual species. Her early career as a scientist specialising in zoology informs the accuracy of her subjects and with a simplification of the forms to eliminate unnecessary elements, Anita instinctively knows the postures, shapes and details which sum up the essence of her chosen creature.


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Anita Mandl